Senjafisk is at the following locations:

Week 15: Tuesday Finnsnes square Årstein and Storslett. Wednesday at Tennevoll, Port of Narvik and Alta Bossekop. Thursday in Bossekop and Sjøvegan by Rema 1000. Friday in Kautokeino and (Bardufoss from kl 09.30 to 13).

Now we have stockfish. "bokna" cod,smoked cod, light salted redfish, fresh shrimps,awesome whale steak, fishcakes, fresh cod, filet of pollock, haddock and cod.



Senjafisk as operations started up with fish in 1993 in Sveio (Haugesund) but the last 16 years we have operated in northern Norway. With sales of cars. And delivery to hotels and restaurants.

Turnover last year about 3 million. 1.5 employee per 2016.

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Tlf. 93 21 22 54


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